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"My carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared after only one treatment with Low-Level Laser."  --Rachel F.

"I'm eating tomatoes now, which I hadn't for years. I'm eating lobster which I haven't been able to eat since the '70's."  --Barbara C., after Allergy Desensitization at the RW

"I had been having pain in my shoulder for the last two or three years.  Sometimes just operating the shift lever in my car was painful!  Rain or heavy snow coming?  I knew it--my shoulder told me so!  One day I was in for a regular maintenance visit, and I saw a new machine in the corner.  Dr. Sue Ann explained to me that it was a low level laser used for a variety of therapies and offered to give me a demonstration.  She directed the beam on my shoulder for about 30 seconds.  I haven't had pain in that shoulder since!  We've had some very damp and cold weather in the last few months, and I've had to rely on the weatherman--or looking out the window--for a forecast!  Pretty neat! "  -Clemence S.

I "threw my back out" on a Sunday. It hurt to walk, stand, sit, lie down, it hurt to do everything. Once I was seated or lying down, it took several minutes for me to get up, and it was seriously painful. Several people suggested Dr. Sue Ann at Riverside Wellness. I was skeptical and afraid it was going to hurt. But after a few days, I decided to give it a shot. That Thursday, I went for my first session. Dr. Sue Ann put me at ease right away. I felt comfortable with her easy manner. She explained what Chiropractors do, how it works, and what to expect. As she started working on me, I could feel the pain melting away. It was wonderful! I was amazed how I felt after the first session. I have been 4 times in 3 weeks and I have no more pain. I have lived with a sore neck and back for several years, figuring this is what aging feels like. I was wrong.

We also talked about other medical issues that plague me. She explained a dietary supplement that detoxes the thyroid. I have had hypothyroidism and been taking medication for years. After a week on this supplement, I have more energy, lost weight and feel great! I would recommend Riverside Wellness to everyone.

Allison J. (A very satisfied patient!!!)

"Our love of horses brought me to Dr. Sue Ann, we met at a riding clinic (at which I complained about my foot pain and lack of flexibility). We kept in touch and she came to my house for another clinic. At that clinic, I was again complaining about my feet. She said, "Give me your foot" and within 30 seconds my foot was very flexible again. She said the bones were all locked up. She did my other foot, too--it was like walking on new feet, no pain and they actually flexed. I went to visit her again about 6 weeks later and had her adjust my feet again. That was the beginning of August 2013 and now it's November and my feet are great still. I think about all the money my insurance company spent with all the specialists I saw, and not one of them addressed my stiff feet. I tell her she has magic hands...she denies it but as far as I'm concerned, she does."

Susan M.

P.S., - I even travel from Central Vermont!


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