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Animal Chiropractic

What is Animal Chiropractic?

Animal chiropractic is a drug-free approach to pet health care. It deals with optimizing the communication between the brain and all tissues of the body. This communication comes from the body into the spinal cord to the brain, which interprets this input and determines the correct response. The brain then sends impulses down the spinal column and out to the tissues. Thus the body is able to function at its topmost ability.

Chiropractic care is appropriate in the treatment of:

   --Neck, back, leg, and tail pain

  --Muscle spasms, nerve problems

  --Disc problems, joint problems, limping

  --Injuries from slips, falls, and accidents

  --Jaw or TMJ problems, difficulty chewing

  --Event or sports injuries

  --Post-surgical care

  --Bowel, bladder and internal disorders

  --Maintenance of joint and spinal health

 Chiropractic is not a substitute for regular veterinary care. Contact your vet to be sure he/she is aware that you wish to have chiropractic care from a well-trained Animal Chiropractor. Dr. Sue Ann Sidell has undertaken extensive postgraduate education and certification in Animal Chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and is one of only two Doctors of Chiropractic in New Hampshire who is AVCA-certified. (See www.avcadoctors.com

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